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Educating Young Entrepreneurs in America

Educating Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) in America is a non-profit organization that teaches students how to run a business by helping them start and operate real businesses with real financing. Using business plans and real capital, EYE brings entrepreneurship to life.

Students gain valuable experience from hands-on learning and overcome the fear of staking a position in today’s marketplace.

How EYE works
Students registered in courses affiliated with EYE submit their business plans to EYE. If approved, students receive real financing (initially $500 and more is available depending on the promise of the business). Participants have several months to bring their plan to action, under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Profitable ventures can turn into part-time jobs for students and any profits earned in the initial 9-month phase are held in a college scholarship fund. Many students who did not plan to attend college cite their EYE experience as the reason for deciding to pursue a degree. Some nurture their start-up into established businesses.

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